According to Hootsuite, the number of people on the internet in 2018 was 4.021 billion,
up 7% from the previous year

It’s easy to see why building your brand awareness is critical. Social media allows you to reach a ton of people in one place. Statista predicts there to be a steady incline of social media users for future years. By 2021 that could mean 3.02 billion social media users.

What is brand awareness? It is defined as the extent to which someone can recall or recognize a brand. Brands with good brand awareness are frequently brought up in conversation and are big players in the decision-making process.

Now let’s talk about how this plays into social media. Social media enables brands to maintain customer relationships, while also having the opportunity to be found by new leads. In fact, a lot of people learn about new brands because it was mentioned by a friend on social media.

Need suggestions for building your social media brand? Follow these tips:

1) Target the right platforms. 

Social media platforms are different and knowing what content works best for each one is crucial. Twitter is more of a conversation, best for sharing industry news or topics related to your brand. Facebook is similar but with an older audience where variety is key. Instagram is all visual, allowing you to share projects and make connections with brands, editors, and clients. The key is to find the platform that will boost your profile and connect you with your target audience.  

2) Use visuals to establish your brand voice. Make sure that the images and content you post are consistent with the style and imagery of your brand. Keep it uniform across all platforms. People will actually stop scrolling to stare at something if it’s interesting. Find ways to incorporate your brand into images too, to help make your logo or name more well-known. After all, you first have to start with brand recognition before you can work towards achieving brand awareness. Add an image to help break up text or use visuals like gifs or memes to reply to comments. This can add some fun to your feed. The point is, a good visual can make you shareable.

social media

3) Post frequently. Post often to create engagement with your audience. You can post daily to each platform but make sure your content is of value. Otherwise it will look you are posting just to have your brand pop up in someone’s feed. In that instance they will scroll right by. It’s better to post less often with more meaty content to generate customer engagement.

4) Create a unique hashtag. It offers another way for people to find and share your work. Do your research and create a totally original hashtag.

5) Connect with influencers: Follow all the influencers in your industry and develop a meaningful conversation with them online. To get on their radar, comment and like their posts. Also post about their work and tag them. You’ll be able to increase your brand awareness and create a name for yourself. You’ll likely see an increase in your social currency, and find that people are more likely to mention and recommend you

6) Ads and paid campaigns. A social media ad can be a great addition to your overall social media strategy. If you use paid ads and campaigns wisely, you have great potential for increasing brand awareness. These types of campaigns are easy to track and manage, which often helps smooth out bumps and that’s what makes them successful.

Social media is by far one of the best channels to increase your brand awareness. You can communicate with your customers and easily be introduced to new people, including top industry influencers. Plus, you have a great channel to share your content. Just make sure you’re using each platform wisely, and of course, communicating and engaging when necessary.