Everyone is busy these days, and social media can make your day more challenging, especially when time is limited. Most companies realize the importance of social media monitoring to gauge customer satisfaction and online reputation. DOING something with the information that is collected, however, can be more of a challenge and something that falls by the wayside.


Ann Michaels & Associates has always believed in the importance of taking a look at the collected conversations to try to make sense of it for our clients – who is talking about the client’s brand? Is it geography specific? Is the demographic landscape around online conversations similar to the client’s anticipated consumer base? These are all questions that a thorough social media monitoring program can uncover.


Thanks to our newest feature, the social media storyboard, clients can easily see what story their brand is telling. The storyboard gives this information in a simple, easy to read interface and carries a lot of information at a glance. Take a look at a sample storyboard:





Below is a brief explanation of the storyboard and what information it holds….


    • The volume of conversation compared to the last period of time – has it increased or decreased? This may signal a potential issue and can easily pinpoint further investigation.


    • Where people are talking – the most effective social media strategies engage customers where they hang out online. If you are spending a lot of time in one social media network, but your customers are talking about your brand elsewhere, this is valuable information. You may also discover new venues in which to continue conversation and engagement.


    • Sentiment – the people show you at a glance whether the overall sentiment is positive or negative. If there are several people shaded in red in a given week or month, you will quickly realize that you need to look into this further and address any issues that may have arisen. It is also a great tool for gauging sentiment over a new marketing endeavor, or times when your company may be facing negative press or other concerning issues.


    • Where in the world are your customers – the bottom row of the storyboard gives information about the places people are talking most about your brand, and, when applicable, which languages are being used. The final icon in this row will give insight into the keywords most used, as well as other helpful information.


This storyboard is part of Ann Michaels & Associates’ social media management services and is sent to client’s email on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on their preferences. What story does YOUR brand tell?



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