Incorporating a strategy for social media marketing is just as important as any other marketing strategy for your business. With the end of the year fast approaching, now is a great time to think about your strategy for 2018. What worked this year and what didn’t? Are you using all the tools available to gain market share and brand awareness?

Whenever I begin developing a strategy for my business, I like to look at the leaders out there that are doing well. Adidas is one of those companies who not only embraced social media early on, they continue to use it in ways most people don’t even realize.

Adidas is successful in social media for a variety of reasons. First and foremost they have built it in to their overall marketing strategy and used it as a necessary extension with its own unique strategy.

They too have used celebrities from Kanye West to Pharrell Williams to help them with their hype. They step it up by making sure that these influencers become part of the overall product development and launch, making sure they connect with the product, rather than just endorsing it. They then post on social media using this authentic approach, zeroing in on not so much of what the shoes can do to make you a better athlete but to embrace originality, creativity and artistic expression.

Another awesome way they use social media is through user generated content.  This is really one of my favorite approaches. Consumers who post and engage in social media don’t want to be sold to. Engage with them and you have something to build on. Through their Instagram account for Adidas Originals, anyone can see how excited customers are about new launches and how they use their own unique style to showcase their Adidas Originals.


Two tactics used under their overall social media strategy to resonate with their customers and bring their product back to life again! Interesting to see adidas Originals has more followers than corporate. Strategy and Tactics working with the help of social media. Do you have a social media strategy you use? Do you change it year after year?





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