Social media is all about being in the moment. So it’s no wonder that live video capabilities have now been adopted by multiple social platforms. Videosare more memorable than traditional marketing content and more convenient for consumers to engage with. Going live is an excellent way to engage with audiences and allows people to experience what your business is doing and react in real time.

Live video can be a huge asset for companies that know what they’re doing, have a clear brand vision and are prepared. Is your brand doing everything possible to see positive results? There are so many elements that go into social media videos including subtitles, length, details and sound. Essentially, you’re trying to explain a lot of detailed information in a few seconds. But when you do it well, you see higher engagement and build a better rapport with your audience.

Here are some ideas and tips for your social media video strategy:

Grab their Attention with Something They’ll Value

With the speed consumers scroll through their social media feeds, you have to do something that grabs their attention to get them to stop on your video. Ask thought provoking questions that will hook the audience like:“Do you want to grow your business?” or a banner with a statement like: “Don’t miss this opportunity!” You’re competing with friends, family, celebrity crushes, etc. for attention, so you really want make a good first impression. If you can give consumers actionable advice that they can actually implement themselves and it works, then they will trust you. Always deliver as much value as possible to gain credibility and trust.

Understand Why People Are Watching

When a user clicks on your video, you usually have less than 10seconds to grab their attention. So it’s incredibly important when creating a video that you understand your audience’s goal. Why are they watching your video in the first place? Do they have an issue or problem they are trying to alleviate?

Don’t force your product or service on them. Again, knowing the reason they are watching will help you better shape the content of your video. You need to connect to their specific needs or issues so start by introducing the issue or pain point they may be experimenting with direct language like “you”or “your company.” Remember that you need to respect the audience’s time, so establish that it will be justified by repeating their issue to them in an engaging way and continue to walk them through to the solution.

Be Consistent

Consistency helps with reputation, search engines and with building good customer relationships. Each video campaign should be consistent with the brand’s image and include graphics/sounds that customers identify with the brand. Also, consistency in terms of content schedule can help with loyalty because people know that on that specific day, they will have something to look forward to. – Daniela Pavan, The Ad Store New York

Give Them a Reason to Keep Watching

Start strong and give them a reason to keep watching. When users join your live feed, they decide in seconds whether or not to continue to watch. To support this, you want the number of people watching to increase, so help them stick around by making your live content engaging. Once you’re known for your live content, people will want to catch it every time you go live. – BenjaminCollins, Laughing Samurai

Show, Don’t Tell

Avoid branded content that comes off as too promotional or self-serving. Instead, use live video to engage with audiences and amplify connectivity through real-time content. Themes like how to, did you know, where to find, what we learned, steps to take, etc. offer solutions to viewers they’re likely seeking. The raw, unrehearsed content is relatable, becomes reliable and is fun to share. – Fiona Bruder, GeorgeP. Johnson (GPJ) Experience Marketing

Have a Strong Call to Action

Always include next steps in your video. If there is a button or link in the ad, have them click it to learn more. If your content is engaging enough and delivered enough value, they will take action. At the end of your video, say: “Click the ‘contact us’ button below” and point to where they should click. A user’s time and attention are sparse, so when you show them next steps, it greatly increases the chance they will take the action you want them to take.

Test, test and then test some more. Don’t be afraid to try off the wall the tactics to grab attention or go over the top with the value you provide to the consumer. Make it memorable and remember, you need consumers to trust you before you can ask them to do anything.

You only have seconds to stop someone’s thumb from scrolling and to grab their attention. Grab their attention, deliver value, pitch them and then convert.


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